Three worthy reds…

I recently attended a presentation on the challenges climate change presented to growers in Bordeaux. Now before you think Im going to fly half way round the world by private jet to preach nonsense from a pink boat in Trafalgar Square, I’m not. In fact, I would gladly see the whole bunch of eco hypocrytes lined up for a bit of well deserved, high velocity lead poisoning.

Anyway, in brief:

  1. 95% of IR heat is retained of which 20% is retained by the soil
  2. 30% less light for photosyntheses – meaning less fruit
  3. Summers are hotter and dryer, winters wetter and warmer – which increases disease
  4. Producteurs may have to consider cooling their chais where barrels are stored for maturation
  5. Warming also risks the fragile conditions for creation of noble rot in Sauternes, less mist, less mushrooms that create the Boytritus – Oh, no – please, please not!
  6. All of which causes the grapes to be smaller, with less flavour producing more alcohol, less acidic with increased Ph
  7. In winter vines need to rest at temps below 8 degrees C for several days, preferably weeks which affects the grapes
  8. Yields generally drop and overall taste, aroma etc is poorer
  9. Each degree of warming is equivalent to moving south by 180Km, so the Loire now has similar conditions to that of Bordeaux another +2 degrees would favour SE of UK

After this there was an opportunity to taste three reds, first up: Domain de Pellehaut a Cotes de Gascogne assembled with an interesting cepage of Merlot, Tannat, Syrah, Malbec, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. Very impressed with the light, fruity but not overpowering taste which worked well with aperitif cold meats etc. So here is their website

Second was a very convincing Ventous by the name of Orca, very big red typical of the region without being too over the top. Anyway a most enjoyable example of Ventous. Regretably, their website is fairly terrible – as unfortunately a lot of French wine growers websites are. The requirement for most web site designs in France seems to be ‘make this as useless as possible’

Finally Chauteau Naudy, this is an AOC Bordeaux Supérieur which has won a fair few awards and medals so expectations quite high. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a small amount of Petit Verdot gives it that spicy flavour, the wine is élevé en fût de chêne but thankfully the tannin very well controlled and not over powering. Great smooth wine and good example of its region so six from 2015 purchased.Find out more about Chateau Naudy here, but why is a magnum 5 euros more than two bottles? yes, this is France!

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