Chateau Roumieu and Chateau Jouvente

Just a short distance from the very famous Chateau Y’quem lies Chateau Roumieu – an excellent Sauternes, the estate has about 28 hectares and also produces a small amount of Chateau Jouvente under the Graves appellation. The two appear to be separate entities but are actually produced on the same estate – here.

The chateau being just 5Km from Barsac, benefits from the mist which rises from the river Ciron to produce the Botrytis cinerea or Noble rot which is desirable for producing the best Sauternes styled wine.

Noble rot is present in the better years such as 1997, 2001, 2007, 2009, 2010-irregular, 2014-some and 2015 which are complex, but in some there is little or none: 1992, 2004. But wines from other years are not to be missed as the growers have to lower the price a little!

Sauternes requires about four times the amount of grapes to any other wine hence the elevated price, but at around 17 euros a bottle, Ch Roumieu is a bargain its’ closest at the price is the Sauternes from Clos Bourgelat. Good Sauternes starts at around 30 Euros a bottle and I’ve not tasted anything at that price that convincingly betters it.

The Jouvente is very good, but our last tasting failed to impress, their bottles may have been open a little too long. A freshly opened bottle on return for dinner at Domain Valmont completely different and set the record right as it is a very good wine. So please go and find out, Jouvente is a classic well made Graves and not to be missed and the Roumieu is a wonderful Sauternes so you won’t be disappointed!

Roumieu is best drunk with foie gras or as an aperitif at around 8-10 degrees, I prefer older wine slightly warmer say 10- 11 degrees, but a fridge is too cold and it will not be at its best. Cool it in a bucket of well water and it should be fine. It also goes quite well with summer pudding but I avoid drinking it with sweet deserts, its just too much – the only exceptions being mince pies or christmas pudding with which it’s simply amazing.

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