The old faithful Nikon 17-55mm f2.8

The Nikon 17-55 f2.8 is a superb lens for Dx APS-C shooters which spends a lot of time on my D7100 body. With Fx cameras the wider end vignettes horribly and its soft at 55mm making it a Dx only lens. Its big and heavy in a robust way, the zoom/MF rings are the wrong way round which feels awkward at first and it can flare a bit if pointed into the sun, sometimes in a good way. This can be reduced using the lens hood. It takes a 77mm filter and the lens extends when zoomed, I would prefer an internal element zoom which offers superior sealing. Bokeh is best from the middle up to 55mm so its not perfect but it takes great pictures which is what counts and there are plenty available used.

Get one here but the price for a new one is ridiculous.

Wine bottle D7100 17-55 @ 45mm f6.3 1/20th hand held, nice image of a fairly ordinary subject with excellent bokeh.

Crop to the label.

Tack sharp & clearly see a little fill in flash & reflections of blue sky & trees without magnification.

Roche Mazet Merlot – very good wine for about 2.75 euros here.

Church at Andernos Les Bains D7100 17-55 @ 17mm f6.3 1/400

Crop to the young man reading in the shade.

Coma if zoomed in but not a deal breaker.

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