The medieval village of Vouvant

Just a few kilometers away at the northern end of the Mervent forest lies the fortified village of Vouvant which is very popular in summer. The village has several art galleries and cafes in the centre whilst the narrow streets with picturesque houses, surrounding views from the fortifications and large medieval church  make it a popular venue for tourists and photographers.

The keep according to legend was built overnight by the fairy Melusine with an apron full of stone and a mouthfull of water. It can be accessed by obtaining the key from the tourist office near the car park or the Cafe Melusine nearby for 2 euros per person.

The river is a tributary of the Vendee which forms a natural moat around the village

The abbey of Maillezais was commissioned by William V to build a church and monastary but it was not finished until the 11th century due to lack of money. Its a fair size with some intricate and amusing carvings around its doorway.

Le Jardin de Fournils a small 1920’s formal garden with topiary box hedging.

The roman bridge, to the right below

Vouvant is here

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