Fontenay Le Comte

Fontenay le Comte & the river Vendee

D7100 12-24mm @ 22mm f11 1/100th

The church of Notre-Dame.
Sometimes I just point my camera and shoot, even with every thing is set to manual then think actually thats quite a good capture…
D7100 17-55 @ 25mm F7.1 1/320th

The spire of Notre Dame towers above the rooftops
D750 24-70mm @ 70mm f8.0 1/800 and the only blue sky on a rainy morning.

Baskets for sale at the market
D7100 12-24 @ 20mm F11 1/125th

Airing the duvet near the Rivalland tower, built by Gustave Rivalland (1824-1881) a former French naval officer and was completed in 1881.
D7100 17-55.0 mm @ 17mm f7.1 1/1000

Building near the Rivalland towerD7100 17-55.0 mm @ 48mm f7.1 1/250

Building near the Rivalland towerD7100 17-55.0 mm @ 38mm f7.1 1/200

An empty bench in Place VieteD750 24-70 f2.8 @ 24mm f11 1/200

The Pont des Sardines
Before the monks drained the Marais Poitevin the river Vendee was navigable to this bridge and here the catch of sardines was landed.
D7100 12-24 @ 24mm F13 1/200th

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