Land of fire and ice. Just one visit confirms it.
Vast waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, lava flows, geysers and hot sulphurous steam emitting from the ground. The air and light being almost pollution free is amazing, making it perfect for photography but it can be wild and changeable too.
Iceland gets over 90% of its electricity from thermal sources and at one point just about everywhere we looked there were clouds of vapour emitting from deep below. The earths crust is thin and fragile here, much of south west Iceland is newly formed.

All images best viewed if enlarged – click twice.

The blue lagoon was our first stop and although it was blowing a gale at 3 degrees, the water heated naturally to 38C was wonderful.

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Just before sunrise from our hotel

The white river which is actually green and 60 metres deep, lined with huge lumps of lava it had a dark and moody feeling, no swimming here!






Hundreds of fish wait to swim upstream to spawn

We visited the Geyser park with the active Strokkur Geyser. This is the worlds largest naturally functioning geyser erupting every 7 minutes.

Just before it blows a huge bubble of water rises:

I took some sequence shots as the geyser erupted which are here.

This glacier: Mýrdalsjökull is 600 metres deep, with the volcano Katla underneath, it was 100 years to the day we visited since it erupted!

The blue face to the right or last shot to the left is where some has recently broken off – about the size of a house.

The Black beach
All Icelands beaches have black sand, this one is notorious because of its huge waves, the two basalt columns and wild wind make for dramatic shots.

Lake Laugarvatn
The people on the right 2nd shot give some idea of the scale of the lake, it was just after mid-day and the sun was already quite low.


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