Windows 10, spyware as a service?

No thanks to be honest, even Vista and ME were gems compared to this steaming pile of excrement. In Windows 10 Microsoft delivers the reality of 1984 of mass surveillance, controlling updates that can brick your PC with an inconsistent user interface spewing un-wanted irrelevant adverts. Unfortunately Microsoft has suffered at the hands of two very poor leaders, whose sorry eyes are just focussed on bottom line. Any other software this bad would, to be honest deleted without a thought.

As privacy concerns over Windows 10 increase, it becomes ever more important to avoid anything from ad-slinging, data-slurping companies. I’m extremely dissapointed Microsoft have chosen this as their business model in W10, but there’s plenty more I really do not like:

  1. Stop spying on users:  people don’t like telemetry and spyware which wastes Internet bandwidth. Microsofts terms and conditions state: “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to.” WTF? This is so very wrong it’s a serious security breech masquerading as theft and gross invasion of privacy. If you must use W10, protect your privacy with DoNotSpy 10
  2. Forced updates: Just when you are busy the ‘effing thing updates itself without consent. Updates can take hours to complete, then bork because of inadequate testing. You, Microsoft are supposed to be the testers, not us – This has to stop. The other joy (not) of forced updates is; if you get your PC to a state where everything actually works, it’s only a matter of time before the next opus magnum of unwanted bloatware forces itself onto your computer wrecking your set-up and the only option is to fix things that previously worked perfectly well, what utter wankers?
  3. Adverts: No one wants adverts injected into the operating system, I block them by all ways possible: by DNS, hosts file modification and the Adblocker Ultimate extension to FireFox. Will I ever accept adverts in an operating system? No, No and NO! They can be controlled see here
  4. Device drivers: One day Microsoft will realise the crappy, useless way they handle device drivers really must be changed. With each version of Windows driver installation gets worse, they really have lost the plot here.
  5. Stop decieving people: When they turn off data slurping, Microsoft turns it on again at the next update. No respect for users choices Off means off.
  6. Installing Windows 10 should carry a warning: No matter how good you think this is or how much you think you need it, in reality it’s a really bad idea. No matter how powerfull your multi core processor is with a terrabyte of ram and array of NVMe blades – it will be reduced to that of a Pentium 233 with an IDE drive and 640K of ram within weeks of installing it.
  7. Stop dissing perfectly good software: If it’s not subscription or trendy cloud based, such as Office360 subscription service over paid for Office. They are more or less the same thing, yet misleading MS adverts make you think otherwise.
  8. Oh-er, they’re leaking again… users deserve better than this.

Get rid of the following:

  1. Edge & Internet Explorer: – Microsoft will never be a broswer company and having failed dismally with Edge, proved they cannot produce a ‘secure by design’ web browser. IE is usually top of an attackers list with many zero day exploits. Third party browsers such as FireFox & Opera are more secure which can be enhanced with add-ons.
  2. The Microsoft store –  with aplications that rip you off, get rid.
  3. X-Box everything: – Steam does it so much better
  4. Versions of your operating system: Home, Professional, Ultimate, Professional for Workstations, Enterprise – why? Just one that works will do.
  5. Fire who ever came up with the idea to stop testing software.
  6. Shills regurgitating your daily bile, sorry they don’t convice anyone anymore.
  7. Patch Tuesday: – it’s a joke, providing hackers the entire weekend to exploit before your possibly botched update arrives. If you have a patch to issue (and its been fully tested) then issue it, don’t wait.
  8. Unreliable surface hardware. People who buy expensive hardware consider Apple as a value option because it lasts for many years, not something with the life span of an anorexic mayfly that borks after 18 months or so. If you’re going to do hardware, do it properly or not at all.

Things you need to do:

  1. TRUST – all trust in Microsoft is gone, you must do much better to win it back which is going to be very hard.
  2. TEST – test, test. Software testing is expensive and painful.  It means a boat load of people don’t hate your company for eternity because you borked their key business functionality resulting in a heap of people sitting on their hands for hours.
  3. PATCH THE OUTLOOK VULNERABILITY – You know the one you stated you wouldn’t patch that gives users credentials away?
  4. Mobile – Currently being wound down yet another abject failure. Bad decision, you need to lead the pack here and stop destroying Nokia.
  5. Support Windows 7  Issue SP3 for Windows 7 It remains the operating system of choice for businesses and many people prefer it.
  6. Give people choice: If they want a start menu or panes aka Win 8.0 or a Windows XP desktop or if they don’t want the brain damaged, derranged Ribbon thing in office and prefer traditional menus, let them choose.
  7. Concentrate on your operating system Make your OS sleek, fast and above all consistent and elegant. Concentrate on security, allow a choice for updates, support older versions and maintain interface consistency and by the way it should be:  ‘familiar ways to do new tasks’ not new ways to do familiar tasks.
  8. Stop thinking you know better, your current thinking is derranged and contorted, it makes Diane Abbott look like Einstein by comparison. Your operating system is not fit for modern business with it’s stupid lack of control of updates. Only a derranged idiot would use Windows 10 in a business environment in it’s current form. David Cutler summed up your thinking, when he punched through a partition wall to open the door from the other side.

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