Archery – My first steps…

For several years I have wanted to take up archery, probably as rifle shooting has become far too controlled. I used to enjoy a variety of shooting upto full bore .308 Winchester magnum at 1000 metres which takes great discipline and control so perhaps there’s some transferable skills to archery?

After a bit of research I eventually decided on a Mandarin Duck Black Hunter bow with a 30 lbs pull back. I decided on this for a number of reasons being:

1. The company representative was very helpful in answering pre-sale questions
2. Sponsored You Tubers provide a lot of helpful, practical information
3. A ‘take down’ bow is easy to dismantle for transport and re-assemble for use.
4. Stronger limbs are available if/when I need a bit more power for longer range shooting
5. The price was pretty good value, this is for recreational shooting in our lower field & no need for an expensive ILF target bow .

It’s desirable to begin with a lower weight bow and around 25-30 lbs is a start point for adult males. An easier draw weight enables more control and thus better accuracy. Archery is a technique sport so brute force isn’t necessarily the right approach.

A 30 lbs bow will still shoot about 60 metres so you might need additional material in your backstop with a more powerful bow and a lot more space.

Next, some arrows…
I chose carbon arrows with feathered fletchings as I shoot ‘off the shelf’ of the bow and found some at a reasonable price on Amazon. There is a bewildering choice of carbon, fibre glass, alloy or wood and your arrow must match the draw length of the bow and be stiff enough so it doesn’t flex excessively when fired, mine are 31″ and rated 500 flex wise.
I also added a three fingered glove and an arm protector.

The bow was easy to assemble as there’s just one fair sized allen bolt and washer to hold each limb which slots into a peg on the riser for location. The correct size Allen key is provided and the limbs are handed so you can’t go wrong. Stringing the bow is a bit of a fiddle so I have a bow stringer on order but once again there are plenty of ‘how to’ on You tube.

So here it is:

All pictures double click to enlarge

In use:

The bow shoots really very well. I’m impressed, theres a surprising amount of power for it’s rating and it’s going to take practise to get reasonable but I find shooting with a bow an enjoyable challenge. Below is one of my better targets shot from 18 metres. My objective is to gain confidence and technique at a reasonably close range then start moving back as I progress and improve.

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