Mac Myths and other nonsense

I hear a lot of complete nonesense about Apple Macs:

  1. Macs are more secure – Maybe but attention required: As I no longer trust anything to be honest. I’d say out of the box, Macs are similar to Windows (ish). Although fundamental differences between Mac OS & Windows make Mac OS harder to break providing its configured accordingly. Windows has demonstrably poor security with Edge, IE & Outlook favourite hackers targets. Anyone installing ‘Adobe Flash Player’ makes any PC or Mac much less secure. Without a lengthy explanation installing flash scores a good 9/10 on the stupidity scale. If you must watch flash videos with buggy software, as Adobes software is legendary for security holes, at least install ‘Click to Flash‘ into Firefox so you have to grant flash permissions to run. You need to check firewalls are configured and permissions set on personal directories and perhaps consider using file encryption. I also consider a good antivirus like Sophos security suite is required whilst NoScript hardens your web browser but thats basic common sense. For further information on improving Mac security here.
  2. Macs are more expensive – Myth: I really don’t get this, people will spend thousands because a car does an extra 3 miles to the gallon, but shun a Mac with excellent longevity. I typed this article on an 8 year old MacBook Pro which looks and works like new. Five years was overtime for a PC, even buying top of the range at a similar price point to Apple. Second hand PCs are near worthless whilst Macs retain some value. Accountants fail dismally, they see bottom line but cannot comprehend through life value. My 12 year old Mac Pro is in daily use, that’s excellent value. Further more, if you have to faff around with your PC because something won’t work, or all too often an update failed, then it’s poor value. If I had a pound for every every hour wasted on a PC, I’d be a rich man.
  3. Macs are more restrictive – Myth: This is total, utter crap, just mis-information my Mac is much more flexible than any PC Ive ever owned – Wake up, smell the coffee. Mac apps my be a little different, that is all. Much easier to install and manage the Mac offers massive choice with better file format compatibility out of the box. Whats more virtually all software is written cross platform for Mac, PC and generally Linux too. PDF? create, edit, save, print and read them out of the box without Adobes bug riddled software. You also get Pages and Numbers with MS file compatibility out of the box. Whilst not as powerfull as Office, I’ve never found them lacking with Keynote being exceptional, it’s superior to Power Point in every respect. For another good Office choice, try Ability Office.
  4. Fact: There are a very small number of aplications without a Mac equivalent, MS Access is one, just load VM Fusion and run Windows in the safety of a virtual machine. It provides a better environment with more control over Windows than running it ‘bare metal’. VM Fusion has been my choice for many years. VM Fusion overcomes the PC to Mac upgrade for the paranoid, as the old PC can be exported to a virtual machine and run on the Mac.
  5. Fact: Mac software is better written My opinion, reached after many years, with more consistency and less crashes – IT JUST WORKS! And above all, my blood pressure just seems lower.
  6. But I have to learn a new operating system? Just like each new version of Windows with all its faults. Why bother? why not use one that works? Every time Microsoft update Windows it’s a cock up of ‘what have they done with…’or my printer wont print because no drivers work. Simple stuff you relied on gets re-invented by Microsoft but something fails – the latest victim being Paint. Paint is 34 years old and appeared in Windows 1.0 . It’s one of those simple programs that is very good at specific jobs and dosn’t occupy much space. So why do Microsoft have to replace it with paint 3D? Is creating problems that previously diddn’t exist a USP for Microsoft? MS, please leave paint alone! Guess what? those moronic monkey fiddlers at Microsoft have even mucked up textedit, what the hell for, leave the fekking things alone, just create another aplication you utter morons! Its another perfectly good programme that needs preserving from the likes of the imbecile mentality of ‘everything must be messed up for the hell hole of the Microsoft Store’ they must implement. If it does a good job leave things alone, if you must create an ‘improved’ version create someting else. Here, the Mac user interface is a model of consistency which reigns supreme. Looking back to the Panther, Tiger, Leopard era, it hasn’t really changed that much. Meanwhile Microsoft can’t decide but removes choice, stupidily forcing the much hated Windows 8 GUI upon users and removing the start button and populare rising menu – sigh. Classic Shell to the rescue, it provides a better GUI like XP or W7.
  7. Search: “We may never get MS search as good as Spotlight”. So said a Microsoft exec and Spotlight remains supremely good for finding files efficiently and does a fine job. I turn off the way it searches the Internet – I have because Bing is crap and Google horribly intrusive with a severe invasion of privacy.
  8. Device drivers: Apple got this right and never seems to fail as most drivers are supplied with the OS. With Windows it’s the archillies heel and your PC will BSOD because of device drivers at some point, usually quite badly. Microsoft retains the gold standard for failing consistently in this area if they analysed half of the data they slurp they would have sorted it long ago, bit oh no, that would mean fixing something. In 14 years I’ve only had to download two device drivers or kext files for Mac: For SMART monitoring of USB connected drives with DriveDX and for a 1998 Epson scanner, yes you read that right: Over 20 years old and still supported on a Mac, what excellent value? Value, if you want value for the love of God, give a PC with Windows 10 a very wide berth.

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