Mac in your business?

The Mac is achieving acceptabiliy in business. Privacy issues, update failures and security concerns regarding Windows 10 mean other OSs such as Mac offer a better alternative. For years creative professionals in graphic design used nothing but Macs, a superior solution for rendering, image editing and also for musicians. Stability and simplicity make Mac a good choice for smaller businesses without in house IT support. It’s a matter of choice, would you rather swim at a pool with ozone filtered water clean enough to drink or at the local sewage works ? I thought so, with the later your’e going to get a fairly serious virus. Out of the box Mac security is fairly good and can be improved dramatically with a little effort. Furthermore, It’s easy to recover should things go wrong, providing you have made a back-up!

Some of the benefits, myths and issues: In 2006 I got rid of all the PCs in my business. Vulnerabilities, failed updates, device drivers (sigh!) and inconsistencies caused huge frustration and since then have been Mac based. I really like the simplicity of the Mac OS, its a better choice with greater compatibility, providing excellent value as most of my Macs have lasted over 10 years. The mini is brilliant and probably best value. It just works.

Its not Microsoft! Major benefit as there are over 300,000 exploits for Microsofts operating system and not getting any better. Despite the hype, the buzz and hysteria Windows remains a big fat vulnerable target with MS stating they wont fix issues with Outlook not helping. Despite being promised ‘a ground up re-write’ almost every version of Windows is rammed full of legacy code which is not good.

It wont spy on you: I find it hard to believe that people use Windows 10 with all its data slurping and telemetry for the greater good. Forced updates that fail due to lack of testing don’t help and both of these are a good reason to dump windows forever.

The GUI is consistent! another benefit, OSx & OS are easy to master and the user interface is a model of consistency, no more oh no what have they mucked now? The Mac OS looks and works more or less as it did 10 years ago.

There are no drivers! they are installed again OSx & OS just does what it says on the tin, easy to use, simple to configure and a drag and drop UI that actually works.

But it’s not compatible is it? A myth of mis information and totally incorrect, your Mac will actually read more file formats out of the box. Firstly, lets not forget it’s Microsoft who can’t adhere to their own standards in docx with errors in its own ODF format. Pages, Numbers & Keynote will open, read, write and save as their Microsoft equivalents. Preview the Mac PDF viewer also opens about 30 different file formats, some I’ve never heard of. There’s also Ability Office which is free so no budget sucking Office365 subscription required.

Although Office360 might be more apropriate based on current outages.

For the truly paranoid for file compatibility theres Office for Mac 2019 with Word, Excel Powerpoint & OneNote. But again, buy the software don’t subscribe as its always much cheaper long term.

If you really do need Windows, theres VM Ware Fusion for the very few aplications with no Mac equivalent it runs windows on your Mac like another program. Theres also Boot Camp but Windows on ‘bare metal’ is unpredictable and best avoided or Parrallels. However, I consider VM Fusion the best way to run Windows on a Mac or a PC. It integrates well into Mac OS and it’s very easy to recover when Windows BSODs and wont re-start.

Issues – sorted: There are very few programs with no Mac equivalent like Microsoft Access which is not widely used although I still support a few databases created in it. There are programs with which you can view your tables and queeries but you can’t modify your code. See here (external link) for Access alterantives on a Mac. If you need something that wont run on a Mac then VM Fusion solves that problem.

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