I hate spam

I think spammers and spambot blog posters should be shot. I deploy a very effective way to reduce the latter to zero. Bots get nowhere on this site, if a bot is detected Anti-spam by Cleantalk stops it in its tracks following which the operators IP address is blocked. Regrettably, e-mail spam is more persistent and seems to be increasing. Did Mr Gates not say it would be a thing of the past with their not so clever SPDF DNS strings – which was nothing to do with spam anyway?

This post may help you control and reduce spam.

Currently, I have a spam filtered e-mail box, with virus scanning that works quite well. But with just a strength of filtering 1-10, with actions: ‘Indicate in subject line’ or ‘delete imediately’ when a spam mail is detected, it’s effectiveness is limited. There is also a white/black list for friends/spammers. You also can also add *@somespammer.com to block an entire mail domain but it’s time consuming to configure.

Recently the ability to block entire domain extensions has been added. For example if you dont want any mail from Russia and to be honest its usually loaded with malware then just add *@.ru to your block list. So now you can dump mail from all those crappy domains like *@.bid *@.icu *@.date and so on. Excellent, that is all.

As a standard feature of every mailbox, I would like: block by IP with a plug-in RBS facility, block by country. Thanks for nothing, ICANN. It’s important to control spam as many people insist (aaagh!) on using vulnerable mail clients such as Outlook – But it has a calendar, you know? WTF, it’s a total horrid, nasty half baked POS. Making it the hackers favourite attack vector of choice.

So, options: to process mail before downloading, there is an excellent program called mailwasher which you can use to examine the contents of your inbox, toggle good/spam, set friends etc. However it dosn’t actively prevent or reduce the stuff arriving. You just see less of it. It’s very good at what it does. Mailwasher is for PC only, Firetrust promised me a Mac version but sadly, none yet.

Mailbox filters: Most e-mail client support the use of filters, I use Thunderbird. By far the best mail client I’ve ever used and simple to configure a filter, on the menu it’s: Tools > Message filters the rest is obvious. Whilst this works well, it dosn’t stop rubbish arriving…

Then there is Spamcop which is a reporting service. I was rather pessimistic about this, but thought I’d give it a try. With Spamcop the idea is you copy and paste the message header and body text and submit it. Spamcop then analyses and produces a message sent to the abuse@spamdomain administrators of the relevant domain, who should act on it…

Knowing the pump and dump tactics of spammers, I was even more pessimistic but decided to give it a go anyway. At the start of April (ha ha) I started reporting and after a week or 10 days, the volume of spam recieved reduced. A month later it had diminshed significantly.

Update 14/05/2019: This really does work! I’m now getting very little spam now, so I reduced the filtering strength to allow more through to report. Anything that reduces spam has to be a good thing!

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